Writing a novel and getting published

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10 truths about getting published in India

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Writing a Novel and Getting Published for Dummies

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Now with a sharp new cover, Teach Yourself Writing a Novel helps readers follow the paths of Austen and Hemingway.

The author takes them step-by-step through the writing process, from the germination of an idea to the actual writing, and from finding an agent to contacting publishers/5. If you are a writer aspiring to get your novel published in India, here’s an image for you to mull over.

You went to all those literary festivals where renowned Acquisition Editors took the stage and spoke into a microphone with élan and told you that, “Yes, we are always looking for fresh, new writing,” and you went home convinced that they were, in reality, looking for YOU.

In order to get your book published, you follow a step-by-step process of: (1) determining your genre or category of work, (2) finding appropriate agents or publishers for your work, (3) preparing your submissions materials (a query letter, usually), and (4) submitting your materials to agents or editors.

Turn your idea into a published novel, step by step. Includes 27 video lessons! Novel Writing. A novel is a world into which a reader disappears for hours or days at a time, navigating through time and space and human psychology.

Writing a novel and getting published
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