Url rewrite and ampersand

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Access GET Data (Query Strings) in htaccess mod_rewrite

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Aug 07,  · rewrite rule with ampersand. Aug 07, PM | merk | LINK. I have the following rule: If you create this in the URL Rewrite tool in IIS then you can simply entry a &.

You said that you tried already but it seems right to me. If you turn on detailed errors (remote only) for your site you should be able to get more info on the Consider this a 2nd part to IIS URL Rewrite – rewriting non-www to www.

Reader Rubens asked about redirecting multiple domain names in a single rule. That’s a. Sep 14,  · Hey everyone i have a newbie question about setting up a rewrite policy for a url path.

I have a website that sends out password reset links but the url path is incomplete and I was asked to augment the url with static info.

You'd have to use the UNENCODED_URL variable, which stores the original url (not unencoded, which splits the & into a new parameter). You can run matches against these conditions and use the {C:1} syntax instead of the {R:1} syntax (which matches against the encoded rule pattern) if you need to.

But I'm having problems with that Ampersand (&) in the input url. When trying to rewrite I Get: When trying to rewrite I Get: The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid.

Url rewrite and ampersand
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