Understanding learning and development in children

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Understanding children and identifying needs

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Learning & Development

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Child development

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It is thought that most educators view learning as an objectivist theory, with the belief that learning exists outside of the bodies of learners residing in books and other educational documents.

This Understanding children's development and learning module from The Open University UK is for people working with children and young people and looks at children's development and learning in cultural, educational and social contexts.

The Information Processing Model further expands our understanding of the development of cognition in children.

Developed in the two decades following the publication of Piaget’s theory, this model explains how and when a child’s core cognitive skills are developed. How children develop The following chart gives parents an idea of how young children develop. Each stage of development is part of a continuum, building on the previous stage and affecting the next.

In each stage of development, it is important for teachers to understand the relationship between neurological development and learning. This understanding is particularly important when there is a mismatch between development and educational expectations.

Understanding children and identifying needs Print this page St Winefride’s Playgroup, Flintshire, makes detailed observations of the children’s learning in order to identify their needs.

Understanding learning and development in children
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