The struggling economy and poor development of venezuela

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The Development of Venezuela's Popular Economy, Pt. 1

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How Venezuela's crisis developed and drove out millions of people

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Venezuela under his rule was the richest economy south of the US due to its success in exporting oil at high prices.

How Venezuela's crisis developed and drove out millions of people

Between andpoverty had reduced from 50% to 30%. Venezuela’s economic indicators showed the lowest levels of economic inequality in Latin America. And because Venezuela had neglected to diversify its economy, the country was out of options. The one relative bright spot in Venezuela’s oil industry today is the superheavy Orinoco fields, jointly operated with foreign firms since the s-era opening of the sector.

Poverty in South America is high in most countries. All of the countries in South America are greatly affected by poverty to some extent. From topoverty dropped from % to %. The countries that have the highest rates are Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela.

All of these countries are trying to reduce poverty, with varying degrees of effort and success. China Assists Venezuela with Five Development Projects The South American country of Venezuela was once one of the most successful oil industries in the world, with a thriving economy.

After oil prices dropped drastically in the s, Venezuela has been searching for ways to recover their largest money-maker and restore their crippling economy.

Of those 17, people abducted, 50 percent were poor, 47 percent middle-class and fewer than 3 percent were classified as rich. In Venezuela, there’s a decent chance that the person who’s abducting you is better-off economically than you are. (Gallup, World Politics Review, Huffington Post (a), Huffington Post (b), World Bank, FBI, Economist) 5.

The struggling economy and poor development of venezuela
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