The history and development of mercury thermometers

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The History of the Body Temperature Thermometer

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Get started now! Today’s thermometers are made in different ways. The most common is the alcohol or mercury thermometer. These are the most accurate and measure the air temperature by the expansion of the fluid in a thin, enclosed glass tube. A large mercury in glass thermometer. See also: Liquid-in-glass thermometer and Timeline of temperature and pressure measurement technology The thermometer was used by the originators of the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.

Early History The first thermometers were called thermoscopes and while several inventors invented a version of the thermoscope at the same time, Italian inventor Santorio Santorio was the first inventor to put a numerical scale on the instrument.

The most common is the alcohol or mercury thermometer.

A brief history of thermometers

These are the most accurate and measure the air temperature by the expansion of the fluid in a thin, enclosed glass tube. Another way of measuring air temperature is by measuring the expansion of different metals. From development of the "Foster Cup" thermometer inthrough the radical improvement of thermometer legibility by the patented "Red Reading Mercury" tube into today's temperature and pressure measurement innovations, Palmer has always maintained the "first" tradition by bringing instrument value, service and quality to a broad range.

Temperature: Facts, History & Definition The history and development of mercury thermometers
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