Telomere shortening and lifestyle factors effecting

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After three months, the men in the initial study exhibited significantly increased telomerase activity. Telomerase is an enzyme that repairs and lengthens telomeres. The new study was designed to determine if the lifestyle changes would affect telomere length and telomerase activity in these men over a longer time period.

Telomeres shorten as we get older causing aging in our cells. 1,4,6. We inherit telomeres from our parents, but no matter the length of our telomeres at birth, everyone’s get shorter as they age.

4,6. Shorter telomeres have a negative effect on our health. 4,8 Telomere shortening is the main cause of age-related break down of our cells. 2. When telomeres get too short, our cells can no.

Part 1: Telomere Shortening: Causes, and Consequences on Aging

Many lifestyle factors like obesity, smoking, poor diet, genetic inheritance, pollution, and stress can accelerate telomere shortening and ageing causing premature death or disease. Other factors work the opposite way, consumption of antioxidants can reduces oxidative stress and slow down telomere shortening (Farzaneh-Far et al.

Telomeres, lifestyle, cancer, and aging

). The group that made the lifestyle changes experienced a “significant” increase in telomere length of approximately 10 percent. Further, the more people changed their behavior by adhering to the recommended lifestyle program, the more dramatic their improvements in telomere length, the.

Given that telomere shortening is accelerated by oxidative stress and inflammation and that diet affects both of these processes, the objective of our study was to determine the potential relation between dietary factors and LTL and also to further examine the importance of other lifestyle factors.

Telomere shortening and lifestyle factors effecting
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