Sunburns skin and medical attention

When I should seek medical attention for sunburn?

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Sunburns: Skin and Medical Attention Paper

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Sunburn Treatment

Sunburns: Skin and Medical Attention. A burn is considered critical and should receive prompt medical attention if: gt; 25% of the body is covered by 2nd degree burns or > 10% of the body is covered by 3rd degree burns 9.

Sunburns: Skin and Medical Attention

What percentage of the total body. These include dry or wrinkled skin, dark spots, rough spots, and skin cancers, such as melanoma. You can usually find sunburn relief with simply home remedies.

Sunburn may. SKIN I. INTRODUCTION Skin, outer body covering of an animal. The term skin is commonly used to describe the body covering of any animal but technically refers only to the body covering of vertebrates (animals that have a backbone). Sunburn is caused by the skin's reaction to ultraviolet light exposure.

It appears as reddening and tenderness of the skin and usually occurs between 12 and 24 hours after the exposure. Sunburned skin can develop blisters and shedding of the outer layer of skin.

The doctor will obtain a medical history and perform a physical examination to determine if the patient has a sunburn, and to what extent. In more severe cases, or for people with preexisting medical problems, the doctor may order laboratory tests to aid in determining the severity of the injury.

Continued Sunburn Relief. Sunburn treatment is designed to attack the burn on two fronts -- relieving reddened, inflamed skin while easing pain. Here are a few home remedies for sunburn.

Sunburns skin and medical attention
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