Router and switch congiure it 242

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Configuring Junos OS for the First Time on a Router or Switch with a Single Routing Engine

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How to Configure DHCP on Cisco Router?

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The typical default IP address for a home router is ; if you ever need to get back into the administration panel of the router-turned-switch to check on things or make changes it will be a real hassle if the IP address of the device conflicts with the new home router.

For the switch to route between VLANs, the VLAN interfaces must have IP addresses. When the switch receives a packet that is destined for a VLAN or subnet, the switch forwards the packet to the destination VLAN interface based on the information in the routing table.

Configure VLAN in Cisco Catalyst Switch

Router-on-a-stick is a term frequently used to describe a setup up that consists of a router and switch connected using one Ethernet link configured as an q trunk link. In this setup, the switch is configured with multiple VLANs and the router performs all routing between the different networks/VLANs.

ACX Series,M Series,MX Series,T Series,PTX Series. When you power on a router the first time, Junos OS automatically boots and starts. You must enter basic. Network Configuration Manager, with automated router and switch configuration management, helps you: Make wide-scale, routine changes in far less time Make routine config changes across target devices without regard for vendor or command syntax.

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Router and switch congiure it 242
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