Records disaster prevention and recovery

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Disaster Prevention/Recovery

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What is a Disaster Prevention Plan?

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Emergency Preparedness

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Disaster Prevention/Recovery

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Freely, co-operation with other offices is very here. Records Management Disaster Planning. Guideline.

University College Cork

June Version establishing vital records programs and prevention and preparedness plans can reduce the of vital records and the development of a disaster recovery plan for official records, including recordkeeping systems.

The Records Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Recovery Plan includes detailed guidance concerning measures to prevent, mitigate and recover from emergencies or disasters that may result in damage or potential loss of records. A - 1 RECORDS DISASTER PREVENTION AND RECOVERY APPENDICES ANDTEMPLATES APPENDIX A PREPAREDNESS TEMPLATES Appendix A provides a series of fill-in templates that, when completed, provide the authority.

The Archives actively promotes a safety culture for both staff and collections. A comprehensive emergency preparedness and recovery manual is maintained that covers prevention efforts, evacuation procedures, emergency response staff responsibilities, salvage operations, and post-disaster assessments.

University College Cork

Every two years, the manual is reviewed and revised as needed. Records are susceptible to damage and that damage can be as a result of a small-scale building issue or a catastrophic natural disaster.

There is also the threat to your records from individuals, who can physically destroy your records or corrupt or erase your electronic records. Records Management Disaster Preparedness Plan Purpose of the Plan Prevention of Loss or Damage Electronic Data: The prevention of the loss of electronic data depends on The full recovery of records damaged due to fire is less probable than records damaged by water.

For this reason, duplication and offsite.

Records disaster prevention and recovery
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