Reading and writing across content areas

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Reading and Writing Across Content Areas

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8. Summary: Eyetracking research shows that people scan webpages and phone screens in various patterns, one of them being the shape of the letter F. Eleven years after discovering this pattern, we revisit what it means today. Among NN/g’s contributions to the world of UX, perhaps one of the most cited is the F-shaped reading pattern for web content, which we identified in In the real world, argument is everywhere.

It should be at home in all the content areas. Let's put the Common Core State Standards aside for a second, as blasphemous as that might sound, considering the tone of the conversation these days.

We don't teach something merely because it appears on a. Teaching English Language Learners Across the Content Areas. by Judie Haynes and Debbie Zacarian. Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas.

By Rafael Heller, Ph.D. In this article: The role of content teachers ; The Council of Chief State School Officers on-line Adolescent Literacy Toolkit includes sample lesson plans for teaching reading and writing in English, social studies, math.

Meet Terra Graves, a Northern Nevada Writing Project Consultant since Terra wrote the following introduction to the fifth and final module in the Northern Nevada Writing Project's Writing Across the Curriculum Guide: "Before I moved to middle school, I taught sixth grade for nine years.

What did I least look forward to the state writing assessment!

Reading and writing across content areas
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Teaching English Language Learners Across the Content Areas