Ranking and ballot oratorical declamation

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Competition Events

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Individual events (speech)

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Competition Events

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For more planning on Grover Cleveland Middle School, visit www. They will compare you to the latter speaker and your rank may be delighted by this introduction of prior knowledge. DECLAMATION AMS 2/6/ GACS SPEECH ADJUDICATION FORM Declamation Name _____ Title _____ School _____ Author _____.

NATIONAL CATHOLIC FORENSIC LEAGUE. Master Ballot. Oratorical Declamation. Rules of Procedure. 1. The selection in this category must have been actually delivered in.

Declamation is a training category only used by the National Catholic Forensic League. The event is only open to freshmen and sophomores, and involves the recitation of a memorized speech given by another person with a 10 minute time limit.

Freeport, Illinois — It appears our Freeport High School Speech Team is making great things happen again this year at tournaments. Tim Connors announced that the Speech Team placed 4th at the Rochelle Hub Speech Tournament.

• Oratorical Declamation (also optional lectern) Categories may not use a script (or note card as in Extemporaneous Speaking) after November else earn penalty of final ranking in the round (rule). Oratorical Declamation students select and memorize a speech that has been delivered before a live audience and prepare it for presentation at a local tournament.

Ranking and ballot oratorical declamation
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