Project management and performance index

Technical Terms Used in Project Portfolio Management (Continued)

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To-Complete Performance Index (TCPI) in Project Cost Management

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To-Complete Performance Index (TCPI) in Project Cost Management

Situational Project Management - The Dynamics of Success and Failure By Oliver F. Lehmann (Book Review) An excellent treatise on all kinds of tough situations that project managers may have to face in the real world of project management.

Schedule Performance Index (SPI) & Cost Performance Index (CPI)

Project Management White Paper Index. The Project Perfect White Paper Collection has been put together from our own resources, and some of our customers.

Open Source Project Management Tools

Many professionals are known to make a mistake of considering a Project Management Plan as a Gantt chart or a schedule.

Membership. Join PMI, the world’s leading project management organization with overGlobal Members and over Local Chapters Internationally. Change Management and dealing with changes is a key project management function for any industry. There might be enormous variance in efforts, cost, schedule, quality of deliverables if changes are not handled effectively.

The To Complete Performance Index (TCPI) is the third forecasting tool mentioned in the PMBOK Guide. This is a relatively new term which was coined by the PMI to assist project managers in calculating the future cost performance of the project.

Project management and performance index
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