Positive and negative effects of nationalism in nigerian development

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What are some positive and negative affects of nationalism today?

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Colonialism in Nigeria: positive and negative impacts

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Imperialism: political, economic, & social consequences

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Sophia: An African Journal of Philosophy

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Effects of Nationalism

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Nationalism is sometimes used to get a population to support wars or other dangerous actions. It can also cause citizens to disengage from rational thought.

Many wars and atrocities were committed by people acting on behalf of a nationalist leader. The various wars in the area formerly known as. Nationalism can have both a positive and negative impact at the same time; for instance pan-nationalism, such as within the Arabic nations, brings people together because of common beliefs or.

Mar 22,  · Generally, nationalism is used to describe the more negative concepts as opposed to the more positive ones. Nationalism is linked either directly or implicitly to racism, racial conflicts and bigotry whereby the population is indoctrinated to behave in frenzied and unquestioning instituteforzentherapy.com: Resolved.

exposed to both the positive and negative effects of globalization. This paper examines the negative effects of globalization on Nigeria by focusing on its impact on. Nigeria Nigeria was the second country in Africa to be colonized by British Officials.

Even More Negative Effects The biggest negative effect was the division between the Nigerians after it was colonized by the British officials The British completely exploited all of Nigeria's useful resources and exploited Nigeria's people. Positive And Negative Effects Of Nationalism In Nigerian Development The Negative Effects of Nationalism Nationalism is a modern political ideology that creates a devotion to one’s culture and is the belief that from acting independent instead of communally will benefit nations which highlight national goals rather than international ones.

Positive and negative effects of nationalism in nigerian development
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Nationalism With Its Positive And Negative Aspects