Pc and mainframe

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Mainframe computer

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PC-based IBM-compatible mainframes

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Therefore, the mainframe computer has a large memory as compared to that of the PC.

Mainframe computer

Yet another difference between these two types is the programs run on them. Programs run on the mainframe computer include service batch, transaction processing and.

The MAINFrame Customs M7 PWM pump is a high performance pump that comes standard with two inlet, and two outlet ports and fully sleeved cables.

Mar 08,  · Software that for the first time lets users run native copies of the Windows operating systems on a mainframe was introduced last week by data center automation vendor Mantissa.


The. Mainframes—the refrigerator-sized, pre-PC computers beloved of government, corporations, and Tron—were long synonymous with IBM, which introduced its. The mainframe does however, have it’s staunch uses and it will take some time yet before the PC/Server model can hope to accomplish the same powerful tasks that a mainframe can do practically in it’s sleep.

A mainframe is a large, powerful computer that can process requests from millions of users at the same time, whereas a microcomputer is a small computer designed to be used by one person at a time.

Large organizations such as banks and government agencies use mainframe computers.

Pc and mainframe
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What is a mainframe? It's a style of computing