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Retail Consultant RPE Receives JDA Alliance Partner Leadership Award For Third Year

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Watch video · Areas of expertise include most leading software solutions and IBM and Toshiba hardware. RPE also provides cloud computing services including hosting, Software-as-a-Service and managed services.

I have installed XP Professional on a Satellite MS The drivers for all the Ethernet and Network controllers are not there and I need to obtain the drivers to transfer to that computer. I am on a different computer capable of receiving the drivers which I can then move to the laptop on a thumb.

Retail consulting firm RPE was recently honored during the JDA Alliance Partner Leadership Awards ceremony at JDA FOCUS in Orlando. Tom Dziersk, executive vice president, sales and marketing, JDA Software Group, Inc., presented the award to RPE for the Retail Top Specialty Consultant.

JDA is a Most Admired Company for the Third Year Straight!

JDA. Preface. On 6 Septemberin what the Japan Defense Agency (JDA) described as ‘an exceptional and unprecedented move’, the Chief Cabinet Secretary released part of the transcribed communications of the Soviet pilots involved in the shooting down of the KAL passenger plane on 1 September JDA Software is the leading supply chain provider powering today’s digital transformation.

We help companies optimize delivery to customers by enabling them to predict and shape demand, fulfill faster and more intelligently, and improve customer experiences and loyalty.

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