Han dynasty and gupta dynasty

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Gupta Empire

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Gupta Empire

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The dynasty was as needed as the later Roman Recall. And until the Rome-China trade axis was broken with the fall of the Han dynasty, the Guptas did indeed prosper. His writings form one of the most important sources for the history of this period.

Kumaragupta I. Silver coin of the Gupta King. Han China and Gupta India Compare/Contrast Essay The Chinese Han Empire, which date from BC to AD, and the Indian Gupta Empire, which date from AD to AD, were elaborate kingdoms that thrived during their time.

Downfall Differences- Similarities- Rome and Han Dynasty They both had highly centralized political systems, which allowed them both to be able to control a large area of land for a long period of time.

P Downfall Han and Gupta Differences The Han Dynasty was an Absolute Monarchy, with one male. Han dynasty: 1. Math and astronomy continued to be important areas of study. Despite the fall of the great Hat Empire, major technological advances were made during this period, for example: invention of gunpowder as a main resource for defending territories of collapsed China.4/4(1).

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Gupta dynasty

system, including the concept of zero, was invented in India during the reign of the Guptas. Historians place the Gupta dynasty alongside with the Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty and Roman Empire as a model of a classical civilization.

Comparative studies of the Roman and Han empires

The Western Han Dynasty (BC - 24AD) was regarded as the first unified and powerful empire in Chinese history.

Lasting from BC to 24 AD, it was established by Liu Bang, who became Emperor Gaozu following four years of civil war started by peasant .

Han dynasty and gupta dynasty
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