Egatarianism and individualism

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Egalitarianism in Australia

These are both concepts discussed at length and depth in Western Philosophy, and certainly part of Western Culture. However, if a society doesn't display them prominently, it doesn't mean they get kicked out of Club West.

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Equality, Individualism, and Tolerance: The Essences of a Free and Open Society

Individualism and collectivism are two western definitions in culture. One of them is oxymoron in real philosophy that doesn't exist in the western tradition. Culture is supposed to be a collective term, therefore individualism is not culture, and that's precisely why the Americans don't understand what culture means to them.

While equality is often regarded as a positive condition of democratic society, Vonnegut’s dystopian portrayal of an absolutely equal society reveals how equality must be balanced with freedom and individualism in order for society to thrive.

Such levelling egalitarianism is premised on radical individualism that aims to make all persons featureless monads, alike in the sameness and incapable of actualising the rich range of potentialities that human nature promises. Egalitarianism and Authoritarianism are completely separate from Individualism and Collectivism.

As you say, an Authoritarian society can enforce individual or collectivist goals (represented by slavery being an optional policy), but I'd contest the notion that Egalitarian societies have to be collectivist.

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Egatarianism and individualism
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Egalitarianism in Australia