E voting voting and retina pattern

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if the voter is not voted yet then +ve ack is send to the mobile tower and then to the corresponding voting machine. Brief Biosketch. Adele Diamond is the Canada Research Chair Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

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scanned retina pattern and vote to remote server. Acknowledgement (+ve or –ve) from: 1. the server to mobile tower. 2. from mobile tower to Interface device. Ready signal if retina is scanned properly to voting machine.

Accepted vote is made to flow to the interface device.

Technical Reports

9. Title Authors Published Abstract Publication Details; Easy Email Encryption with Easy Key Management John S. Koh, Steven M. Bellovin, Jason Nieh. Next the retina pattern is matched against the existing instituteforzentherapy.com match is found then flag is check which indicates its voting status i.e.

if the voter is not voted yet then +ve ack is send to the mobile tower and then to the corresponding voting machine/5(2). Electronic Voting or E-Voting or Global Wireless Voting System is a technologically upgraded voting system.- authorSTREAM Presentation.

This acknowledgement is recognized by the receiver kept at the voter side and machine is made to scan next retina pattern and vote, otherwise if a –ve acknowledgement, then an alert alarm is made to ring.

E voting voting and retina pattern
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