E commerce and travel

Travel eCommerce: Past, Present and Future

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Skift Trend Report: E-Commerce Fraud Protection for Travel Brands

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Whilst e-Commerce and tourism develop rapidly in China, understanding of Chinese Internet travellers is required. The Most Complete and Business Oriented Travel E-commerce Platform. Built for hoteliers, travel agencies, and tour operators.

Impact of E-commerce on Travel and Tourism: An Historical Analysis

Include retail module for over the counter sales. Search and e-commerce have become the new revenue stream for travel companies, making them central to the digital strategy for innovation and communication.

IGT helps clients derive greater value from their existing e-commerce frameworks and strategy with multi-channel approach to.

Travel eCommerce: Past, Present and Future

The Rise of Travel eCommerce in India! In the earlywhen the Indian audience was much less tech savvy, IRCTC brought the wave of eCommerce in India by launching its first transactional website.

The second key factor was the introduction of Airline e tickets. Annual travel e-commerce sales in the United States from to (in billion U.S. dollars) This statistic shows the sales figures for travel e-commerce in the United States from to Travel companies need to develop an overall strategy covering: strategic management, IT infrastructure, design, content, e-commerce systems, marketing and customer service.

Travel companies also need to be creative and entrepreneurial.

E commerce and travel
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How E-Commerce Is Revolutionizing Retail, Travel, and Entertainment