Describe combustion in terms of slow spontaneous and explosive reactions and explain

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Spontaneous Human Combustion: A Brief History

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Spontaneous and Non-Spontaneous Processes

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Let's say in terms of "Explosive Classes" rather than low or high explosives. Class A Explosives –Detonating, or otherwise maximum hazard. Class S Explosives –Flammable hazard. Class C Explosives –Minimum hazard Oxidizing Material–A substance that yields oxygen readily to stimulate the combustion of organic matter.

The combustion reactions which take place slowly and give less amount of heat slowly are termed as slow combustion reactions.

The processes of rusting, digestion of food are few examples for slow combustion. The combustion which occur on its own is called spontaneous takes place at room temperature Eg:Burning of white phosphorus on its own at room temperature A very fast combustion reaction in which a large amount of heat, light and sound are called explosive comubustion.

Describe combustion in terms of slow, spontaneous and explosive reactions and explain the conditions under which these occur. The combustion reactions we use in. • Which combustion reaction takes place in your own body?

In this chapter: chemical reactions, many of which you already know about. Answer the following questions to find out explosive exothermic chemical reaction.

The reaction is triggered by an electronic device in the car that detects. Oct 30,  · -Describe Combustion in terms of slow, spontaneus and explosive reactions and explain the condition under which these occue This is relatively self-explantory, but I can't think of any immediate examples of each.

Describe combustion in terms of slow spontaneous and explosive reactions and explain
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