Contemporary issues in architecture and urbanism

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SVA MA Design Research

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Recombinant Urbanism: Conceptual Modeling in Architecture, Urban Design and City Theory

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Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture. The Bachelor of Environmental Design (BEDA) is a four-year, pre-professional degree program that immerses students in architectural design fundamentals through studio- and project-based courses.

The Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (UABB), the only exhibition in the world to explore issues of urbanization and architectural development, will be opening for its 7th edition on December 15th, UABB will be held at Nantou Old Town in Nanshan district, an urban village that was once the administrative center of the Bao'An County.

Hou Hanru, Liu Xiaodu, and Meng Yan (in. Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space The latte stone house is the best known form of traditional architecture.

Eight to twelve stones are used for. Graduated at the Architectural Association (AA) and University College London, Tony Leung is a UK-registered Architect since After practicing in London and Hong Kong, he founded URB in specializing in modernizations of Children and Youth Centers.

The Department of Architecture offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture and the Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. Both degree programs include a common Foundation Year of studies and students remain as pre-majors until the completion of the Foundation Year required coursework and successful passage through the Foundation Year Gateway.

Contemporary issues in architecture and urbanism
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