Conflict resolution and transformation

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Mediation and conflict resolution in South and Southern Africa

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In my estimation, since the introduction of the term conflict transformation in the s by John Paul.

Conflict Management, Conflict Resolution, Conflict Transformation

Conflict Resolution. To my darling husband, Before you return from your business trip I just want to let you know about the small accident I had with the pickup truck when I turned into the driveway.

Conflict Resolution Studies

Introduction. Conflict Resolution Studies (CRS) seeks to understand the nature and dynamics of human conflict, and to look at appropriate alternatives for dealing with conflict in ways which develop healthy relationships and prevent violence.

Conflict transformation is accurate because the core of my work is indeed about engaging myself in constructive change initiatives that include and go beyond the resolution of particular problems.

This course introduces you to the concept of conflict transformation and how it differs from conflict resolution, management, and prevention. We’ll see how conflict offers opportunities for constructive change, and we'll explore different tools and methods for engaging conflict constructively.

Directory of Resources and Programs for in dispute resolution, conflict transformation, peacework, or humanitarian practice.

Conflict resolution and transformation
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