Cassidy wines marketing information and communication

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Cassidy Wines is a wine wholesaler and importer. It is a limited company within the private sector. The company was founded by Kevin Cassidy in It continues to be a family run business and is managed now by Neil Cassidy. There are over 50 employees. Their head office is at Citywest Business.

Inicio article Cassidy Wines Marketing, Info and Communication. Cassidy Wines Marketing, Info and Communication.


enero 21, enero 21, article. Cassidy Wines Marketing, Details and Communication. Cassidy Wines is certainly a wine wholesaler and importer.

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- Over The Door Food Storage Rack. In addition, he has also consulted for Mullineux and Leeu Wines in the Swartland, South Africa. Outside of wine, he counts literature, travel and sport as his other passions. Cassidy is based in the UK and is the fifth South African to pass the Master of Wine examinations.

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Cassidy wines marketing information and communication
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