Anticancer drug development evaluation of

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The main steps in the development of anticancer agents

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concept of evaluation in regulatory review process of the anticancer drug development, which is specified by each target organ, and what type of non-clinical and clinical data should be obtained.

Prior to the discussion, Dr. Saya (Professor, Keio Univ.) presented a review on the. The development of new anticancer agents is a long-term process, which involves the acquisition of new compounds, screening for antitumor activity, production and formulation, animal toxicology and finally, evaluation of toxicity and antitumor activity of the compound in man (Table I).

Guideline on the evaluation of anticancer medicinal products in man EMA/CHMP//95 Rev.5 Page 4/ Executive summary 79 The purpose of this guideline is to provide guidance on all stages of clinical drug development for the 80 treatment of malignancies, including drug resistance modifiers or normal tissue protective compounds.

Abstract. During – the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) phased out its murine leukemia P anticancer drug screening program and developed as the replacement a new in vitro primary screen based upon a diverse panel of human tumor cell lines.


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A controversy exists in defining the optimal animal model for assessing activity of a proposed drug for development as an anticancer agent. Thus, preclinical evaluation and clinical development of anticancer agents, especially molecularly targeted therapeutics, present unique challenges – both in the selection of appropriate drug target and in the development of a mole.

Anticancer drug development evaluation of
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