Analyzing and interpreting data bims

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Analyzing and Interpreting Data Team X QNT/ Analyzing and Interpreting Data The ultimate goal of descriptive statistics is to describe a set of data, identify patterns, and draw a conclusion, which enables an organization to make effective and informed decisions (McClave, Benson, & Sincich, ).

Analyze the data included in BIMS case study Part 1 by computing descriptive statistics in the form of tables, charts, measures of central tendency, and variability.

Prepare a 1, to 1,word report of conclusions drawn from the data and make recommendations to the management.

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Both quantitative data and qualitative data are collected in the BIMS survey, QNT Week 5 Learning Team Analyzing and Interpreting Data. Viewing now. Interested in QNT Week 5 Learning Team Analyzing and Interpreting Data?

Bookmark it to view later. Analyzing and Interpreting Data: BIMS Week 5 QNT/ November 1, Analyzing and Interpreting Data: BIMS Week 5 In the aforementioned survey that Ballard Integrated Managed Services created and conducted it was found to have lacked important material making the survey not as accommodating as it could have been.

Our text, Lind () defines statistics as “The science of collecting, organizing, presenting, analyzing, and interpreting data to assist in making more effective decisions” (p.5).

Types and levels of statistics There are two major types of statistics, descriptive and inferential. Analyzing and Interpreting Data – BIMS, Inc. QNT/ Analyzing and Interpreting Data. BIMS, Inc. Consulting Group – Team D has performed a series of analysis on behalf of the top management of Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc (BIMS).

Analyzing and interpreting data bims
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