Alarming rise in accidents caused by drinking and driving

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DUI and Distracted Driving Takes Lives

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Va. transportation officials: Distracted driving an ‘epidemic’

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The severity of distracted driving-related accidents is exacerbated by the fact that the driver who caused the accident had reasonable ability to avoid it. Failure to recognize impending danger can have devastating consequences.

Alcohol-Related Deaths Highest In 35 Years. In the News.

Marijuana-related fatal car accidents surge in Washington state after legalization

Saturday, 26 December liver damage primarily caused by drinking. These alarming numbers don’t even include deaths from drunk driving, and other accidents or homicides committed under the influence of alcohol.

It’s more difficult to tally the number of accidents caused by distracted driving for a number of reasons. There are no standardized tests in the same way as breathalyzer and blood tests are used to find out if a motorist was driving drunk.

2016 may go down as one of the worst years for drunk-driving deaths

Just about everyone can agree that driving while distracted is one of the most dangerous things a person can do behind the wheel.

However, despite this almost universal admission, the practice is nevertheless extremely pervasive and on the rise. Drunk Driving Statistics In Pennsylvania The State of Pennsylvania has been very proactive in an effort to diminish the amount of drinking and driving accidents.

There has been widespread saturation controls and incorporation of ongoing checkpoints to deter intoxicated driving and to get offenders off the road in real time. May 10,  · Stoned driving can be as serious a problem as drunk driving. Fatal accidents involving stoned drivers have soared in the state of Washington .

Alarming rise in accidents caused by drinking and driving
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The Rise of Driver Impairment