Actor and baler

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He is a well- known actor featuring in ‘Destined Heart’, and ‘Baler’. Jericho presence of acting made him achieved various awards. His popularity is just not limited to the Philippines but also a popular face in Malaysia as well.

This Wrapper is for use with the Danelander Maxi Baler. Fits DANE Danelander MAXI Baler Bales.

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ustmertt, Super Hayliner 68 Baler - Owner's Manual. JERICHO ROSALES PLAYS LANDMARK ROLE IN "BALER" In his more than one decade as an actor, Jericho Rosales has played a wide variety of roles that not only showcased his versatility but also won him awards, ranging from comedy to action to romance-drama, both on television and in film.

Actor and baler
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